Who on Earth Takes These Pictures?

I’m sorry to the third-wheeling photographer but you are weird. Get out. Let this yoga couple do their thing.

Of course, the online community I am referring to is Tumblr; which launched in February 2007 and is made up of a community of users blogging and reblogging posts, pictures and gifs.

It’s a great way for photographers to get their images shared on a mass networking site and it can also be quite fun to join in, in the race to get the most amount of ‘notes’.

Although, personally, I find the ‘relationship goals’ vibe to this website vomit-inducing; the most positive aspect I have found within this website is how many users have found social interaction and confided in complete strangers about topics including self-harm as a coping tool which is great to see people opening up about personal and horrifying issues whilst also seeking day-to-day companionship which they may lack in the real world.

However, there are a few issues which hugely concern me. The regulation of this website, just like any, is very difficult due to the sheer volume of users which makes it even more risky with the ease of accessibility to the age inappropriate audiences (Tumblr have NO age restriction). The images and gif’s I am referring to is those that are pornographic and promoting unhealthy lifestyles.

I was relieved to find out that this website does have some trigger words and if they are searched for helplines and information are provided which could be hugely beneficial to suffering users.

The limitation of this website is the difficultly to get noticed on it whilst one user is merely a pea amongst 550 million other peas/monthly users.

On the whole this is a positive community as this website is simply quite fun; it gives users something to do; allows them to be creative with their own profiles; and opens their eyes to some great photography. And most importantly it brings happiness through the form of gifs, any online community with gifs of cats and people falling over is one which you can be proud to be apart of.

 All images and gifs used in this post were from http://www.tumblr.com


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  1. I agree that no age restriction is a huge downside for tumblr, in fact it’s a disadvantage for many online communities, children these days can access all kinds of social media which does greatly increase the risk of them being exposed to inappropriate contents. it would be a difficult problem to solve because of the lack of identification online.


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