Memes and activism

one of the highlights of this module for me was the discussion on memes and in my own digging how they can be used in internet activism.

this topic about whether or not memes contribute to governmental change is still an ongoing debate where some believe that creating memes and inserting them as the opening page of a petition is just as good as going to downing street and waving a protest banner outside. on the other hand some call this slack-tivism, which means for avid Facebook and other social media platform users clicking like, sharing or signing the petition is deemed lazy and pointless.

however in an article written by Kristina Mauric on said that in January  2015 japan responded to a hostage ransom of 2 million dollars with a “meme-fest contest”.

“The hashtag associated with the posts, #ISISクソコラグランプリ, roughly translates to “ISIS crappy collage grand prix,” and has been used more than 67,000. To lend humor to the otherwise grim image, the photo was enhanced with everything from selfie sticks to llamas and lightsabers to Mickey Mouse ears.”


although the people had a funny response to an awful situation, the meme ultimately showed isis that the people of japan will not negotiate with them.

so from online friendly humour to online internet activism, the future of memes could have a positive outcome in the way people use them for various things.



This Is The Internet




Over the past 20 years the internet has advanced, but over the past 10 years the internet has exploded.

the world can connect with each other with a single click of a button. this advancement has been helped by many companies which have contributed to this,even the gaming industry is now a thriving place where players from around the world can compete online with massive money prizes. But the biggest thing which has probably stood out the most is the way that social media has impacted how people on the internet connect with each other.

social media has also impacted nearly every medium from Television to journalism etc. also from the technological point of view the dynamic of browsing the internet has been flipped on its head as 10 years ago people would have only been able to browse the internet from laptops and desktops, however in this current age we are able to browse anywhere (providing theres good connection), but this “quantum leap” in internet advancement has also begun to change the culture of its consumers, as now there is no “need” to leave your house as you can manage everything through your device and having it delivered to your house, from groceries, clothes, electronics and so on.