The young, the naive and the predators

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The internet is it’s own little world where people can escape from the reality of their everyday lives, like in any world there is always a dark side. Linking back to the subject of online privacy no one really knows how safe they actually are on the internet and what kinds of people are looking at their social media accounts; which is why internet safety is an important topic of discussion, you never know for sure what kind of people are on the internet and what they are capable of; even know all this may seem obvious for someone more mature but for young children it isn’t so obvious.

Sadly for some their naivety is fatal, Breck Bednar was one of these people who wasn’t aware of such dangers. Breck who was 14 at the time of his murder had no idea of the dangers of online predators and was befriended by Lewis Daynes (aged 18) who he thought was his best friend, but Lewis’s one priority was to find a victim through various gaming platforms. Even if you think you know someone online you will never know their full intentions; especially if they’re a stranger you have never met. People have become more aware of this over the years because of these types of crimes.

Facebook is a big platform where a lot of people do not care or are not aware when it comes to how much information can be shared around for all kinds of people to see, I see a lot of young children have no filter about what they post, some even posting their phone numbers and addresses. There are thousands of predators who scroll through such sites to try manipulate the young and naive, these children are willingly posting information without privacy not thinking who could potentially see it.

Murder games: Spotting the signs of online grooming



All about the Kardashians

In September 2015 the Kardashian (apart from Kourtney) and Jenner sister’s teamed up to create their own websites, the websites feature style guides, make up tutorials and about their lifestyles like fitness tips and tricks. For a hard core Kardashian fan this would be something to die for but there is a slight catch, some of the content on the websites aren’t free! If someone wanted to access all the content from each website they would have to pay $3 (£2.13) a month and that’s just for one website, so for all the 4 websites combined it would cost $12 (£8.52) a month, to some this wouldn’t seem a lot but just for a few make up tutorials and lifestyle tips it is costly.

kardahsian shit

I don’t quite understand why they have made some content private when you can just log onto YouTube for example and find the exact the same tutorials, just because it is the Kardashian’s people are willing to sign up for a subscription which I find totally bizarre, because they already have their lives on show in their programme “Keeping up with the Kardashians”.

Also not all their fans can afford to pay for the websites after the 7 day free trial which to some of them is upsetting, if all the websites were free then these fans could feel included, surely you would want all your fans to be included?…

Kim Kardashians Website

Khloe Kardashians Website

Kylie Jenners Website

Kendall Jenners Website

What is online about me?

I remember at the start secondary school people went through a big phase of googling each other to see what came up, it was funny at the time when embarrassing pictures appeared onto Google images that were taken straight from Facebook. I tried to Google myself but nothing about me came up, I was relieved not to have embarrassing pictures of myself on Google but made me wonder why? Even now when I Google myself only flowers, places called ‘Balcombe’ and the colour Magenta appears not even my social media networks appear; the only thing I could find was the cover I made for a past project. I have three social networking profiles online which is Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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The reason why I made Facebook in the first place was to keep in contact with old friends and some family members as I don’t really speak to them in person, I used to share a lot of information to my friends when I first made Facebook like statues, photos and where I lived this was because I didn’t mind what people knew about me. I still have some information like the area where I live and some pictures on my Facebook today but I stopped posting statues unless I have to; I also try to make most of my posts private now because too many people were trying to add me that I didn’t know.

As for Instagram I regularly post photos of myself and some parts of my life because I like to share photos and memories, my Instagram is different from my Facebook because I  do not have it on private at all; this is because I don’t mind who sees my photos because they are just memories to me that I want to share. I have only had instagram for just over a year so there is no embarrassing photos or posts from when I was younger which is another reason why I don’t really mind who sees it.

I know that Google is forever sharing information around and selling it to other online advertisers even though I am not that visible online, like when i’m doing my online shopping I always get adds come up on my Facebook about the sites I had just been on. To be honest I don’t really mind what information is online about me apart from obviously bank details, my old address and phone number; I don’t really fancy people taking my money or having a weirdo stalking my house where my family live.

Cole & Marmalade

I always find myself on social media liking posts of animals all day long, which has lead me to a number of different online communities that are dedicated to pets such as Cole and Marmalade. This is a like page on Facebook that is about two cats, it is mainly pictures of them both that is posted but they also post about more serious topics; rather than just posting pictures of two cute cats.

For example they recently posted on their page about Marmalade having FIV which is basically HIV/AIDS for cats, and how people should adopt cats with FIV not just over look them. This is such a positive thing because it brings attention to FIV which is not as bad as it sounds and how people should not be put off by it when adopting, they have also posted about other pages on Facebook that support cancer patients to bring attention to that as well.

marm FIV

It has created a online community of cat lovers who regularly engage in conversation with others on the site and can share their favourite photo’s of their own animals, it engages people from all over the world and even if you don’t comment and post you can still enjoy the cute pictures and videos of cats!

People benefit from participating in this online community by meeting people from all over the world who share the same interest as them, which is nice especially if you don’t share the same interests as your friends; I have a few friends who don’t like cats or animals in general but it is a big part of my interests.

Cole & Marmalade Facebook Page

Story time!

Audience participation I feel has increased over the years especially with today’s technology, more people can take part in how things are shaped and made; after all products and programmes/videos are made for their audiences so it is good more people can get involved.

An example about how audiences have shaped how something is done is story time videos that YouTuber’s create, these videos are basically a way YouTuber’s can connect with their audiences by telling story’s about events that have happened during their lives and their experiences; personally these kinds of videos are the videos I tend to watch the most because I find it interesting finding out things that have happened to people. I can see that audiences are very involved most of the time about the content; YouTubers ask their audiences on various social media platforms which story time videos they would like to see more of and what videos in general would interest them.

It is a good way of engaging with the audience because it is essentially pleasing them by giving them what they want to keep and gain subscribers but it can also lead to negative attention from the audience, an example of this would be the reaction from one of Tana Mongeau’s videos called “Nail lady robbed me of $1000: Story time” the video title is quite self explanatory but the nail salon that was involved (even though they have had many other bad reviews prior to this incident) got a lot of negative hate from Tana’s fans.

Tn this instance Tana did not give away the name of the salon fans located that themselves; but YouTubers or anyone in the public eye need to be careful of this because it can cause a lot of trouble.


McDonald’s techy service


One example of convergence that I found quite interesting is McDonald’s and their use of interactive screen self service and tablets installed on tables for public use whilst eating.

In 2014 McDonald’s introduced a new way of ordering food in store, where instead of ordering food and drinks at the till, like someone normally would do, there are kiosks that have an interactive screen in place to order food off. Where I used to live they introduced the interactive screens without much notice so it was a big hit when it opened, it is a interesting way of convergence because they are using technology for self service, I know supermarkets ect… have had online delivery and self service for sometime now, also McDonald’s tills have had interactive screens for a few years but never for fast food self service.


Some people argue that this new way of ordering fast food will take over the use of having cashiers resulting in some people loosing their jobs, but even with the interactive screens there are still cashiers at McDoanld’s, it is good to have both because it reduces the queues. Personally for me I find it quicker and more convenient to have this new way of ordering food in store and since coming to London I have used it much more.

McDonald’s also have apple tablets in place in some stores, where people can check in online on sites like Facebook whilst they eat or children can play games for entertainment.

McDonald’s technology article, Celestra

Television Statistics


Finding television statistics, even statistics in general, can be tricky because there are many sites to choose from but not all are trustworthy. A website that I was introduced to and used when studying media production is BARB, which stands for broadcasters audience research board, I found this website to be very useful when in need of audience statistics whilst writing about specific programmes in the UK.

BARB calculates every statistic themselves by monitoring television viewing in many selective households, they base their findings on households that they have researched into and know can represent a minimum of 5,000 other households in the UK, so they can cover a vast amount of households for their research; obviously they can’t cover every household in the UK but that is the same with every other company/website.

stats BARB

(BBC News 7 day statistics, January 31st 2016)

BARB is supported by television companies such as Sky, ITV, Channel 5, MTV and the BBC which use their statistic figures to see how many people are watching a certain programme and advertising companies use the statistics from BARB. The statistics cover many channels from BT sport to channel 4 and shows the top 10 to 30 programmes that were most watched within a day, week or month; it also covers a great variety of different genres on television. Students are welcome to use the statistics for essays, dissertations ect…(which they state on their website) but the only problem with BARB is that if someone wishes to post the statistics further they have to subscribe which needs to be paid for, also the television statistics are only for audiences in the UK not worldwide.

I hope that this website does help some of you in the future as it did for me in my studies.

BARB website