History of The Internet Pt 2

One topic that I enjoyed in this module was the history of the Internet, which we learnt quite early on. This is because I have always liked to learn about the history of something. During this topic we found out that technology drastically develops during conflict or a war, for example one of the reasons why the allies won the Second World War is because Alan Turing cracked the encryption that the Germans used to communicate (also known as the Enigma Code). He did this with the Colossus machine and after that was built we (as humans) experimented and developed it into de-encryption software that we use today. Another example is the creation/development of the Internet. Initially the “Internet” was created by the military for the military during the cold war so that they had a way of storing, processing, and sending data between each other. A lot of technology developed during the Cold War because the United States and the Soviet Union were constantly in a race to create new and better technology, most notable, the infamous Space Race where the Americans and Soviets raced to put a man on the moon first. The Soviets managed to put a man in space first, but the Americans won overall as soon as Neil Armstrong stepped onto the surface of the moon


Netflix vs WatchSeries

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past couple of years, I’m sure that you will be all well aware of what Netflix is. For those of you who don’t, it is arguably the best way to watch films and TV shows on demand (LEGALLY). The reason why I put “legally” in capitals is because I believe there is a better way to watch what you want and when you want, only thing is its not strictly legal… With Netflix you pay for a subscription so that you can access what they offer, but if you’re like me where you don’t pay for something unless you absolutely have to, there is an alternative. There are many websites out there that allows you to watch virtually anything you want, all for FREE (brilliant right?) but like I said, not strictly legal. I’m sure some of you are aware of websites like WatchSeries, Primewire, and Putlocker that are amazing for cheap people like me. The way I see it is that I would never pay to buy a song when I can simply download it for free, so why would I pay to watch TV and films. Essentially is kind of a moral and ethical choice. My advice to you guys would be to ditch Netflix and go for the free alternative because you’ll save yourself a lot of money in the long run and you (most likely) never get caught out

Online Visibility

For this blog, I thought I could be funny if I Google my name. But of course, one of the down sides of having three very common names in your name (Matt, Ryan, and Brown), is that it is near impossible to find yourself on Google without putting in some serious effort, and who’s actually got time for that? Matt Brown is an incredibly common name; I might as well have been called John Smith. Anyway, Google aside, when it comes online visibility I’m not extremely bothered about what people can find about me. All of my social media accounts are public so anyone and everyone can see my profile. I have never really been worried about what people can see about me because I have absolutely nothing to hide on my social media. I always live by the rule that I should put anything online that I wouldn’t want my mom to see. Another reason I think why I am so laid back about my online visibility is because I grew up when technology started to develop rapidly, where as some of the older generation are worried about what people can find out about them so its fully understandable why our generation are the way we are and the way their generation are the way they are.


Wikipedia, our helpful friend who is always there for us when we need to know something quickly and simply. We really take Wikipedia for granted nowadays; I can’t remember a single day where I haven’t just quickly searched for something. I personally love Wikipedia because I am one of those people who when they just randomly think about something when I’m at home, ill go on Wikipedia and research it for literally hours… just a few days ago I was watching Apollo 13, I then paused the movie half way through and was reading about all the Apollo missions for 2 and a half hours! Completely just losing track of time and I do this a lot with a wide variety of subjects. Something will just spontaneously pop into my head, and thanks to Wikipedia I can find out new information about this random topic. Now I’m sure that everyone who is reading this has been told by a teacher/lecturer/seminar leader that they should never use Wikipedia because its unreliable and you cant validate the facts that said on there. That is true because Wikipedia is one huge community where people can edit information on the pages (as long as its appropriate). Personally, I have never finished a piece of work without having a quick glance at the Wikipedia page and I know that a lot of you do the same. That being said I would never base a whole essay on what I find on Wikipedia, just a few basic facts that could be found anywhere. Lets face it, things would be much harder to find without Wikipedia!


9GAG is an online platform and social media website. “Users” upload and share content (mostly pictures and memes) either “user-generated content” or found on other social media websites. Ray Chan created 9GAG in Hong Kong in 2007. It is very popular among adolescents to young (ish) adults and is know for mostly being used when people are at school, university, and work, which is the time of the day when they have most traffic. 9GAG helped redefine the concept of memes, although they had been around for years before 9GAG was up and running. Users are constantly heavily changing the content on the site depending on recent events or during different seasons. For example, every April, there are A LOT of posts about Game of Thrones because that is the month that the new season comes out every year. There is an on going joke that if you haven’t watched the new episode of Game of Thrones, you should never go on 9GAG. Another example that its users control the social media site is that the fact there is actual 9GAG royalty. The users are very proud to have elected a King and Queen of 9GAG, that being Leonardo DiCaprio and Emma Watson. Leo is seen as the king because of the on going joke about him not winning an Oscar, and Emma is the Queen because of all the posts about how good looking she is so much so that there are individual categories about them on the website. 9GAG is a prime example of users shaping and evolving a piece of media because it is ever changing everyday.

YouTube & Television

Within the past couple of years, the majority of chat shows, from the US, UK, and all around the world, have started YouTube channels devoted to their show. Usually, the channel consists of clips and videos of stuff that happened on the show a couple of nights a go. The most popular chat show channels are ones like The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, The Late Late Show with James Corden, and CONAN. The reason these channels have started up and became so successful is because this allows all people from around the world to see the humorous events that happened, not just people who have access to it in America. Also with the help from social media (i.e. Facebook and Twitter) it gives the videos the chance to be shared around and gain a lot of publicity. One prime example of this is the Carpool Karaoke series on the Late Late Show with James Corden. Almost everyone has seen the infamous Carpool Karaoke videos with famous singers like Adele, Justin Bieber, One Direction, and my favourite, Stevie Wonder where they drive around LA, sing to their songs and have a fun time. YouTube and social media are the main reason why these videos are so popular, as well as the charisma of James Corden. Before James Corden became the host and before they had a YouTube channel, the Late Late show was not that popular because it aired at 12:30 am, which is really late for most people. So due to the help of social media and YouTube, we wouldn’t know about these hilarious videos with amazing content.


TED is possibly one of the best resources for a student to use. You learn important information through fun and entertaining presentations and they are very good to use if you yourself are doing a presentation (especially great to waste a bit of time!)

TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design and tries to focus mostly on the entertainment side because that is what started the company. It started with a one of convention in 1984 but then in 1990 it became a regular thing due to popular demand.

I think that one of the reasons why TED is so successful is that it covers a wide variety of topics and famous guest speakers. Personally, my favourite presentations are about film and TV (presented by big directors like JJ Abrams James Cameron) and also scientific presentations, specifically about evolution and the history of the universe.

As TED became more and more popular, it attracts big keynote speakers. In the past there have been talks by politicians (Bill Clinton, Gordon Brown), scientists (Richard Dawkins) and millionaires (Bill Gates). Whenever I have a presentation, the first thing I do is go to TED to try and find some inspiration.