The last one.

This module has illustrated both sides of the spectrum in terms of how the internet can be used for good and bad.

Online communities, a platform for debate, a platform for change, and a platform to learn are just some of the major positives o the internet that have been further illustrated during Network Society and the Media lectures/seminars.

But what about the bad?

There are a few different negatives I could focus on, but i’ve decided that the one with the most direct relevance to me is probably that of privacy.

The internet can be used to learn an astonishing amount of information about users. Appearance, friends, interests, hobbies-even where they are and where they live. Can this really be right? Well actually, yeah.

Everybody that uses the internet is agreeing in principal to share their information. Every site that uses cookies will notify you, anything that you post through social media is instantly no longer yours-it belongs to the internet.

There is a genuine need to be vigilant in what you are doing online. This is now abundantly clear. This shouldn’t mean no longer taking in all the benefits of the internet, but recognising the need to be thoughtful is very important





  1. Probably on a surface level, our ability to maintain privacy online is pretty easy – we can alter security settings on Facebook, make Twitter and Instagram accounts private etc. What we don’t consider on a day-to-day basis is, say, the ability the UK government or the NSA etc. has to look at what we think is private.
    However, I suggested in a discussion (and I sort of think it’s true); because we can’t see the immediate consequences of this larger organised threat to our privacy, we generally don’t seem in much of a rush to question it seriously.


  2. Very well put it. If this module has taught us anything, it was definitely to open our eyes to the reality of the internet. It allowed us to ask the real questions and really take a look at the world of web and who, what it is actually about. As much as it brings us whole new way of communicating and connecting with others around the world, it also, to a degree brings a certain ambiguity. This I feel is probably due to our inexperienced understanding of the internet’s capability. Everyday technology is advancing which is always good thing, but as it progress, without a shadow of doubt, it has and will continue to affect and change our society and everybody living in it.


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