Slaves to Technology

Studying this module has encouraged me to look at the power structures behind our ‘network’ society, also the positives and negatives of the internet. Technological change is at the root of the ‘Network Society and the Media’ module. The rapid rate at which technology has advanced has altered the way we live our everyday lives, it has also changed the way the government and other institutions interact with us.


Mobiles have evolved from bricks to advanced handheld computers in just 8 years. 

On the upside, technological advancements are responsible for the convergence of many media industries and lead to the launch of new media channels. It has brought us into the information age, where we have free access to ‘unlimited’ knowledge and are free to communicate globally. However, it is important to sometimes look past this liberal allusion, as every move we make online can be tracked, often without us knowing. The internet is funded by advertising, meaning our data is no longer ours.

As the media landscape which we are familiar with today is still in it’s infancy, we cannot predict how much things will change in the future.  The media industry will no doubt change but at what rate? Will all the content we are studying today still be relevant in 10 or 20 years?



  1. It’s insane to think that between 2000 and 2008 phones have gone from ‘bricks’ which you can call from and have antennas all the way to an iPhone which you can also call from but you can play games, go shopping (online) and keep up to date with old friends through the internet.
    In 10 years time I believe that some of what we’re learning will still be relevant, however the world, the media and technology is developing rapidly. My guess is that those who sit this module in 10 years time will be learning a whole new spectrum of things that we wouldn’t have even been able to imagine.

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  2. It is interesting to think what future technology will become mainstream in the upcoming years. Especially when you consider what has changed in just the recent years for example, how thin laptops and phones can now be or how powerful the hardware that runs everyday electronics are. Personally, I see the future of technology and gadgets becoming more and more wearable, this can already be seen happening through the release of smart watches and glasses but it isn’t hard to imagine other accessories and clothing start to have in built touch screens: hats, scarves, shoes, gloves etc.

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