Invaded privacy

The open post turned out to be the most difficult of all blog posts as far. It’s really difficult to choose a topic when we have such a wide range of opportunities. However, I decided to focus more on the thing which was the most shocking and striking. This is our privacy and surveillance.

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAH6AAAAJDg3YmJmN2IzLTdkZTYtNDQ3Mi1hYjg2LTc4YTI0ODc0ZDkwZAWe know very well that most of current devices and apps is tracking our location. Google uses it to help us to get turn by turn directions. But it’s also used by Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat, for example to tag our location or tag where our photo was taken. Our devices also can track our online activity through tracking cookies or data sent between our computers and web browser. It let not only for personalised advertisement, cookies can have also access to our personal details like address, credit card number or passwords to some websites (, 2016)

I decided to find out how else our privacy can be invaded and I found few terrifying ways. Did you know that:

  1. Retailers already have the technology to track you, scan your face, and sell the info to advertisers? So if you have walked about underwear shop you may soon get some great deals and offers to your inbox about that..
  2. Facebook’s new “Moments” app scans pics on your smartphone, locates friends using Facebook’s software, and lets you send photos to them?
  3. Most workplaces currently have got a totalitarian array of eavesdropping tools: email monitoring, keystroke logging, telephone, text and voicemail recording, video surveillance, attendance and time monitoring. Does it mean that when we’ll be looking for some privacy in the work, we’ll find it just in the toilet? (, 2016)

Well, as you can see guys we are invigilated in almost every step of our life. That’s why it’s so important to think our choices over. It doesn’t seem really harmful that our phone can track our location, does it? However, probably even our parents don’t know where we are in every single minute of the day, so why should we allow our phones to do it? I will leave you with that thought, I hope it will be a warning for you!

Thank for your attention guys and for being with me during the semester!! Thank you! 🙂






Who controls the Internet?

Everyone likes everything what is free, especially students love it. As you know guys, the Internet provides a quite wide range of content nowadays. However, not all the content is under a strict control and restriction…


In this way, some stuff which we search everyday there is in the Internet illegally. The great example for that is music. How many of us buy CD’s and albums of our favorite artists? How many of us pay for listening to or downloading music? I suppose that’s just few of us. Most people prefer to use websites to download free music and the Internet is full of websites which make it simply possible. The one which I have found is LAST.FM. On this website you can access free music streaming online as well as downloaded, videos, photos, artists’ biographies, concerts and internet radio. It sounds cool, doesn’t it?


However, is it fair for artists to getting access to all this stuff?  Of course, many artists decide to sell their songs online as they can reach a wide audience of the whole world. The problem is when the music is replicated and shared illegally. It causes that artists don’t earn on their songs but also depreciate the value of the music and make it sounds completely different than the original one. What’s more downloading music of not trustworthy sources make a risk of getting a virus as we can never be sure what we download in real.. I guess we should  think over our choices and decide what is important for us, because ‘cheap’ or ‘free’ doesn’t always mean ‘good’ and ‘legal’.

Little me in huge world of the Internet

This week’s blog post is a great fun and interesting experiment which I could carry out on myself. I have just realized how often we are not even aware of the fact what part of our lives we share in social media. I decided to google myself and to be honest I was quite dissapointed (however, maybe should I be glad?) how little information you can search about me in the Internet. First thing which appears is an info: ‘showing results for Paulina Chwesiuk’ instead of ‘Paulina Chwesciuk’ (sorry for those of you who are breaking tongue on my surname now, it’s because of some lady in registry office who messed up). Then you will see some articles about my achievements in Primary and Secondary school and that’s all what Google can offer you about myself.


Well, what about social media platforms then? Basically I exist only on Facebook, Instagram. Last class experiment reminded me I also have a board on Pinterest but to be honest I haven’t used that for ages. My Facebook and Instagram are completely private accounts as I use them only in personal purposes. I created my Facebook account in 2010, so the number of friends is quite big, however now I am more selective about friends requests. In my gallery I’ve got about 25 photos, so I think it’s not so many for 5 years of using that platform. Instagram is a space where I share my pictures, some of them are completely personal and showing me with my family and friends, whereas others are completely nonsense and irrational like my foot or cup of coffee.


I don’t think I am strongly visible in the Internet. I try to protect my privacy and select carefully what I post and who it’s avalaible for. What about you guys?



Well, Pinterest is absolutely one of my favorite tools to look for some creative ideas. Although the fact that Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann describe it as ‘catalog of ideas’ rather than social network, I think it undoubtedly is a place where people create online community.

If someone isn’t familiar with its website or app yet, should go there and check it at least once.  I am pretty sure that everyone will find something for themselves. Pinterest’s users provide a wide range of proposals. You will discover unique and visual conception of new hairstyle, outfit, Art, gifts you can made for someone, receipts for delicious and healthy meals,  tatoos, home decor. You will also locate new places which are worth to visit them, or find out some original quotes. What’s more you can track your favorite celebrity’s or sportsperson’s lifestyle.


That all things are accumulated in one place and easy to reach them. To make your life easier all ideas are categorized and tagged so it’s really simple to search what you are looking for. If you really like something you can ‘pin it’ to created by yourself board. 

Pinterest’s users absolutely benefit from using the website. They can not only gain many new ideas and share their passions with others. They can comment and improve their ideas, saying how something could be done better. It gives a wonderful chance to inspire someone even to change the lifestyle. What’ more it’s 100% visual, so you don’t need to read anything.  Are there any disadvantages of Pinterest then? Well, probably you have 10x more pins of things which you want, compared to things you have. 😦 




The Internet sensation of the year 2014- the Ice Bucket Challenge- raised a huge amount of donation just because of great response of audience in social media!

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was a charity campaign launched in 2014 aiming to raise awareness of the disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. It involved thousands of millions people in pouring a bucket of ice-cold water over their heads, filming it, sharing the video on social media and then nominating friends to do the same.

It was originally launched in United States but gradually was spread over the whole world. Although a significant issue which the campaign was about, it also was a great fun. YouTube quickly became a battlefield for the funniest video.  Many people, even stars, celebrities, athletics etc., performed the challenge and nominated others. Barack Obama, George W. Bush, David Cameron were also ones who were challenged.


Rita Ora does the challenge in New York

It’s been absolutely successful campaign and I suppose everyone existing in social media has heard about that. What’s more, most of you guys have taken part in the challenge, haven’t you? It helped to raise hundreds of million of pounds:

“The tally to date from all of those online bucket dares: $115 million — more than 20 times the amount reaped by the nonprofit during 2013. That 2014 haul includes a swell of year-end checks totaling $32 million, largely driven by a happy residue of awareness lingering from the summer’s social craze.” –

What did influence on such a great participation of the audience, which undoubtedly caused the campaign was successful? Was it a pressure of social media or just a desire of competitiveness? Has it raised awareness of the disease or just brought loads of fun? I personally think that it has done both these things. Some of us had a chance to performance theirk22336819 creative skills whilst feeling like a person struggling with ACL.




Everything in our lives and around us changes. Many things have being improved for many years, while others have been just invented. Nonetheless one things influence on the others in some way. It also happens in media when new media relates to old media. Most of media is also shared and spread around the world and this process is called global convergence.

Have you ever thought of impact of Western cultures on the rest of the world? Just think how many things you’ve watched during the last month. How many of them were foreign production? How many TV shows or radio programmes have been showed in other countries before they showed up in yours? Undoubtedly one of the most influential cultures is American one. They came up with many great ideas and inventions and that’s why we often say about process of ‘Americanization’.

“Turn on the radio, check the TV listings, look what’s playing at the local cinema, pull out a computer game or just go online and search for a nice chat room – do any of these things and within a short time you will run into American cultural influence.” READ MORE

It happens probably because of really powerful market of over 300 million people in United States and their innovation. What consequences has it got for us? It causes many advantages for our local markets and economies what is a significant disadvantage. However, what these influences did for 21th century? What our lives would be without Google, Twitter, Facebook or Netflix? What would happen if Steve Jobs or Bill Gates have never existed? Wouldn’t our lives be grey and boring?


Nowadays, it’s really difficult to find a reliable online resource to rely on. Nonetheless, it’s really important, especially in media industry, to have a trustworthy source where we can find out essential data and news quickly. One which I have found really interesting and useful is FACTIVA.

“Factiva is the world’s leading source of premium news, data and insight, helping today’s professionals make better business decisions faster through its powerful search, alerting and research capabilities. With access to thousands of premium news and information sources on more than 22 million public and private companies, Factiva cuts through the noise to surface business-critical information. Whether researching, creating a daily company newsletter or browsing a summary of top industry news, Factiva gives a clear information advantage.” –
Factiva gives access to many kinds of sources like newspapers, magazines, blogs, journals, television, radio transcripts, photos etc from nearly every country worldwide in 28 languages. The wide range of data provides new insights on local as well as global problems. Fativa makes it easy to stay up to date with current events, financial markets, business or political issues. What makes it even more special is fact that its features include media analytics to create absorbing visuals, statistics, tables and graphs.

Although it is paid resource, we can get a free access to it through Westminster Library. I highly recommend it to all media students who want to follow national and international news, create a press review, follow market quotes and get many more great opportunities to be better professionals in the future. Fativa Search Tour