As it is the last post, I thought I would take the time to talk about privacy within the internet. It’s clear that is an issues that discussed and debated numerous of times, by governmental to communities. Do we really have the privacy within the realm of the internet?

Personally, I don’t think there is a real handle or better understanding in how to protect ourselves or our institutions from the invasion of others online. Yes, the series of social media and certain websites we’re on have put in place certain security measures in order to protect their users. But even with the measure instilled there are hacker who have found a ways to avoid and pass the security without any hesitation. For example the recent of arrest of Ryan Collins who had hacked into the several celebrities iCloud accounts and leaked very sensitive and personal pictures to the public. The good news is that they located the perpetrator and prosecuted for his action but the damage has been already been done. These celebrities’ sensitive pictures and documents are already circulating throughout the internet.  In so many, it’s feeling of violation and betrayal on the public parts. The online world has become no man zone, where regulation and rules are harder to enforce and put place. For myself, I have always been conscious about what I kind of information I post and I refuse to save and store sensitive information and or pictures onto an online storage.  I handle and store most of it in most traditional matter.  Will it ever change that is yet to happen. There still so much to understand about this wonderful but unexplored world of the internet.


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