Netflix: Have they lost their customers?

As a long-standing Netflix consumer of about three-ish years, maybe more, I have suddenly lost a lot of interest in the streaming website. Why, you ask? Because Netflix have introduced a VPN proxy ban. Granted, its understandable that Netflix would only want those in the United Kingdom, for example, to access shows only available on the UK Netflix, but with the announcement, there has been a huge amount of backlash and honestly, people (including myself) are not happy about it.

The VPN proxy does not stop users from paying for Netflix. We still have to pay for it, it just means we get more for our money because the proxy masks our location and we get to access different country’s Netflix selection. I think it’s fair to say that the Netflix selection in the UK is lacking compared to the United States.

With so many people completely outraged at Netflix’s decision to block proxy servers, I wouldn’t be surprised if the popularity of the streaming website decreased dramatically.

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So with Netflix deciding to shut down proxy servers, do you think they’ll risk losing out on a lot of customers? Do you think shutting down the proxy servers was worth it? Is it really worth it when in a few months there will probably be new technology which can make consumers access all countries of Netflix again? Luckily for me, Full House, which I was marathoning on the US Netflix has just been added to the UK one!

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  1. Interesting post. I covered this on the copyright week and this is where it all lies behind: US TV networks want to keep selling shows to UK tv stations, with contracts worth millions, if not more in some cases, So if we watch those shows on Netflix, that contract worth millions is suddenly meaningless. The UK stations won’t pay the US ones, as people are watching on Netflix and not on their channel.

    Netflix is big but can’t pay enough for those contracts, so now they finally found a way to stop customers from getting around the geoblock.

    I’d say that if you pay to watch particular shows, and if you can’t access them anymore, it’s worth cancelling. If you use it to just ”chill” and watch random movies, then why not keeping it, the catalog is still decent. I agree though that most of us want the US catalog and that Netflix might just lose lots of customers this way.

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  2. I was so upset when I discovered that I could no longer watch US Netflix. Before I discovered this cheat I had been illegally streaming US shows and films on websites like Putlocker but clearly the quality wasn’t the same and seeing as I pay for HD Netflix it was so much easier for me to use this. You are right that Netflix will lose viewers because I am already streaming again!! I believe it would be far more beneficial to just have Netflix open to all regions and this would definitely increase the number of Netflix subscribers.

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  3. To be honest, I don’t understand why people agree to pay for Netflix. I used my friend’s account once and guess how many of the movies I was looking for I actually found: 0! That’s really bad considering the fact that it is a paid service and plus the movies I was looking for were from 1999 (not to tell about recent productions). Having said that and also having read your post, I think they will definitely start losing out on customers – deservedly!


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