The Naked Truth

Hi guys! This was one of the most interesting modules that I have studied so far. It helped me critically analyse the society, and understand the world we live in more. I took note of the way that it even made us second-guess our actions- especially regarding social media. Privacy and surveillance was a very good

It’s all dandy and fine when you’re sharing pictures of your latest holiday with family and friends, but apparently in this day and age something has to give- our privacy.

We’ve established during this module that we tend to share our personal information with the world without noticing , but what was most intriguing to me was trying to identify whether or not the government is using these fun social media sites to keep tabs on us, and keep us in control.


Like I mentioned in my blog post for online visibility, I keep my accounts as private as possible, with the exception of professional profiles, such as LinkedIn. However, I still have doubts as to whether or not tightening privacy settings really makes a differ7nce. Having said that, I will try to adjust my media diet to a more professional one, so even if they are spying on me, I will still feel somewhat in control.


What about you guys? Feel free to comment below


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  1. I also try to keep my accounts such as Facebook as private as possible but I still noticed that some of my pictures I have posted to my timeline years ago are not on private, so I have had to scroll through them all to change it. I wish that when you put your account on private everything aromatically went private as well, but I guess when you sign up to social media you’re going to have to espect that it will never be completely privatised.


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