Invaded privacy

The open post turned out to be the most difficult of all blog posts as far. It’s really difficult to choose a topic when we have such a wide range of opportunities. However, I decided to focus more on the thing which was the most shocking and striking. This is our privacy and surveillance.

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAH6AAAAJDg3YmJmN2IzLTdkZTYtNDQ3Mi1hYjg2LTc4YTI0ODc0ZDkwZAWe know very well that most of current devices and apps is tracking our location. Google uses it to help us to get turn by turn directions. But it’s also used by Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat, for example to tag our location or tag where our photo was taken. Our devices also can track our online activity through tracking cookies or data sent between our computers and web browser. It let not only for personalised advertisement, cookies can have also access to our personal details like address, credit card number or passwords to some websites (, 2016)

I decided to find out how else our privacy can be invaded and I found few terrifying ways. Did you know that:

  1. Retailers already have the technology to track you, scan your face, and sell the info to advertisers? So if you have walked about underwear shop you may soon get some great deals and offers to your inbox about that..
  2. Facebook’s new “Moments” app scans pics on your smartphone, locates friends using Facebook’s software, and lets you send photos to them?
  3. Most workplaces currently have got a totalitarian array of eavesdropping tools: email monitoring, keystroke logging, telephone, text and voicemail recording, video surveillance, attendance and time monitoring. Does it mean that when we’ll be looking for some privacy in the work, we’ll find it just in the toilet? (, 2016)

Well, as you can see guys we are invigilated in almost every step of our life. That’s why it’s so important to think our choices over. It doesn’t seem really harmful that our phone can track our location, does it? However, probably even our parents don’t know where we are in every single minute of the day, so why should we allow our phones to do it? I will leave you with that thought, I hope it will be a warning for you!

Thank for your attention guys and for being with me during the semester!! Thank you! 🙂






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