Internet-savvy and sad

A few months ago, I had to explain to my grandparents that all my coursework I can submit using a computer, without even having paper and a pen. Then I started wondering how they’ve spent a lifetime with no relationship status updates and not using the pizza emoji to say “I’m hungry!”.

I thought they’ve missed a lot but actually it’s our generation that is missing out as back then people were busy living. i-want-my-life-back-social-media1

They didn’t have WhatsApp to text their friends, they were just meeting them at the playground or elsewhere. For those who lived a long-distance away, they were sending letters and postcards. Today you can send an instant message to your e-pal in Japan but he might choose to ignore it because he’s playing Candy Crush with his other virtual friends.

The Internet offers so many opportunities to connect with other people but I think it makes us more distant because we take all these means of communication for granted and neglect the conversation itself.

My grandmother doesn’t know what Facebook is but she and her friends were sharing all their experiences and secrets in person. She was luckier than me for living at that time. That makes me sad and the fact that I am more Internet literate than her cannot cheer me up.


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