Application take over

Apps have become so prominent within our culture, with more apps available now than ever before. Each app introduces new updates, new terms and conditions, new regulations, but who really reads them? Not me. Take a moment and think, if you decided to read even just one of your apps terms and conditions, what would you see? Something I bet you wouldn’t like reading, that’s for sure.

Most apps nowadays asks for your current location, to be able to record your phone calls and read your texts at any given moment, without even alerting you. It’s really chilling to think what kind of things they ask for, but even more disturbing that WE agree to them without a second glance.

I lied when I said I didn’t read them, I do glance over them to see what kind of personal identification I will be giving away before I click the download button, luckily for me I don’t feel like I need to hide anything. However, I find it scary when sometimes something I’ve not mentioned before or at least for a while, seems to pop on my feed that same day after having spoken to somebody about it.

Next time you think to download an a new app, just take a second and really think about what you’re agreeing to.


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