the history of online shopping


Today, we can shop online in almost everywhere for almost everything, for some of us, we shop online as frequently as, if not more than, shop in stores. However just about 10 years ago, the idea of having products delivered to your door with few clicks on a website would be thought as a fantasy.

the rise of E-commerce started in 1990 when Tim Berners-Lee created the first World Wide Web server and browser, which opened for commercial use in 1991. Surprisingly enough, Pizza Hut led the way in online shopping. In 1994, they were the first national chain to offer online ordering with the option of home delivery. therefore the first product sold online was actually a pizza.


Amazon was launched in 1995 and was originally designed to be an online bookstore. However, it soon became apparent that there was a massive demand for other goods as well and the company quickly diversified soon offering an eclectic collection of merchandise.

then in 1998, Paypal is founded. This enabled transactions of money without sharing financial information and gave customers the flexibility to pay using their PayPal account balances, bank accounts, PayPal Credit and other credit cards.

the convenience of shopping online and the range of online products grow continuously to this very day. Today’s shoppers combine online shopping with real life shopping, using access to WiFi and the showrooming trend. They often make purchases in a retail stores at the same time as using mobile devices to buy something online. In fact, this Forbes report tells us that 74 per cent of people use their mobile phone to help them while shopping, with 79 per cent making a purchase as a result.


  1. Great post! I wasn’t aware of the fact that kind of on-line shopping was available even 15 years ago. Personally I wasn’t convinced in purchasing products on-line just few years ago.. It seemed to be creepy for me. I was thinking that it’s like ‘buying a pig in a poke’ 🙂 However, when I discovered how easy and convenience it is, especially when you work and study and haven’t got time to go for shopping and how easy is to return things which you didn’t like or didn’t fit you at least, I changed my mind! Now I love shopping on-line, especially during sales when shops are crowded and you can get the same things easily delivered to your house:)


  2. If there is one thing I hate it’s definitely going out shopping. Still, I love shopping. From home. Online shopping is one of the best things ever in my opinion. You can look for everything you need without having to be submerged in the crowd and wait in endless queues for your turn.
    Paypal also is an amazing method to make payments online without sharing your information and I use it regularly so I can make my payments without the fear of being hacked.


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