I’m being tracked

Before this module I will admit I was never overly fussed about Internet safety or anything like that, I just assumed that because I was young and never posted anything massively revealing online that I would be immune to any possible dangers.

While scrolling through Facebook one day I saw a video of a girl showing how you can see everywhere your ‘bae’ has been by looking on their iPhone privacy settings which keeps a log of each location you have visited and not only that – how long­ you were there! I can’t be the only one to find this worrying as well as a huge invasion of my privacy!

I found a Buzzfeed article that explained more easily how to find this on your phone so you can check like I did and be as freaked out as me!Here is some examples of what my iPhone has found out about me, luckily I recently got a new phone so it doesn’t have too much information on me at the moment.


This is all the time I was home last week. You can even see that I didnt get home until 2.30 in the morning because I was out in Oceana!


From this you can see what shifts I did at work on what days.

This strikes me as invasive but how can it be when I have the feature on my phone turned on allowing Apple to track me like this? They claim that it is to get a better feel of places that are important to you so they can update the phone to what’s around you but I’m sceptical of this. Is it okay that the default setting on an iPhone (even when you turn it off when you update it will reset itself) is set to follow where we go and where we stay? I personally am turning this feature off and keeping it that way because I ‘m not  a huge fan of knowing that if I’m trying to hide away somewhere, you could check my phone and probably get there in like five minutes.




  1. A very interesting post! I never knew there was such a feature on our mobile devices. Although, as you expressed, it is quite scary that a device tracks you, I can’t fully agree and dispraise Apple’s act on this. To my mind, this feature might in fact be helpful and practical when looking for someone who’s lost or investigating a murder/crime. Also, as mentioned, it helps to update you with similar places that might possibly interest the user as well. And this works as a great proof to show your ”bae” that you’ve been sitting home all day and not meeting other girls or boys.


  2. Interesting post. It’s true it is a real concern, yet we do have privacy settings in certain apps that allow us to disable location services, which also improves battery length. What really concerns me is how easily accessible these info are and how easy it would be for an hacker to get them even remotely.


  3. Nice post! I recently discovered that my location settings on my phone was on when the internet started posting preferences for specific locations, which was creepy as I’m usually careful to turn it off! I agree with you, it really makes you wonder, not only about Apple’s intentions, but the intentions of all companies similar to this one…


  4. Wow– I had no idea this was an automatic feature on an iPhone. It’s a little concerning and I will definitely turn it off as well. It’s not only worrying to think about what Apple can do with this information, but what if Apple got hacked and all of our details including our location and any other information that they have about us, such as our names, ages and all privacy details.


  5. I honestly don’t know how to feel about this. On one hand it seems creepy and intrusive, why do large corporations such as Apple need to know where we are every moment of the day?
    However on the other hand I think it would be quite smart to have this feature turned on, for example if I was to go missing, surely my last whereabouts will be easy to track using this feature, therefore increasing my chances of being found.
    There are definitely quite a few positives and negatives of this hidden feature.


  6. Wow, it was shocking and useful post, as I can see I wasn’t the only one not aware of this feature. I don’t know if I should be glad because of that function or rather scared.. It can be quite useful, for example when we get lost somewhere or we will be kidnapped:) If we lost our wallet we can also have a look where we have been during a day and it may be also helpful.. However, I feel invigilated and terrified as well.. If we are tracked in every step everyday, does it mean that we haven’t got privacy any more?


  7. I didn’t know anything about this.
    On one hand it scares me a lot because we are always tracked even if we don’t want to.
    On the other hand it could be helpful sometimes. Like for example if someone is missing it would be easier to track them. Still, I don’t like to be always tracked and I’m quite scared about it.


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