HitRECord on TV – Where it all comes together

I suppose Hitrecord on TV is the natural conclusion to the themes covered in this topic and my own course, television. Hitrecord is collaborative project headed by Hollywood actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt that broadcasts community made content onto TV. The genius behind the show is that by concentrating so much on its unique selling point – that being most of the features, topics and themes are community generated – it is able to give audiences the feeling they are truly involved in the production of the show. The longevity and success of the show is purely in the communities hand and as such means there is a reason for audiences to want to continue watching and producing themselves. Not to mention the clever incentive to reward featured collaborators with cash compensation.

To me Hitrecord is a shining example of how convergence is a potential route for the future of broadcast television. It shows the sum of a successful attempt to collect short-form features based on a single topic in the style of internet content (vlogs, poetic sequences, real experiences) and reveal many different personal and real stories from various audience demographics. This kind of user generated content appears to be very attractive to audiences and provides a nice contrast to the exaggeration and spectacle of the rest of broadcast television

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