History of The Internet Pt 2

One topic that I enjoyed in this module was the history of the Internet, which we learnt quite early on. This is because I have always liked to learn about the history of something. During this topic we found out that technology drastically develops during conflict or a war, for example one of the reasons why the allies won the Second World War is because Alan Turing cracked the encryption that the Germans used to communicate (also known as the Enigma Code). He did this with the Colossus machine and after that was built we (as humans) experimented and developed it into de-encryption software that we use today. Another example is the creation/development of the Internet. Initially the “Internet” was created by the military for the military during the cold war so that they had a way of storing, processing, and sending data between each other. A lot of technology developed during the Cold War because the United States and the Soviet Union were constantly in a race to create new and better technology, most notable, the infamous Space Race where the Americans and Soviets raced to put a man on the moon first. The Soviets managed to put a man in space first, but the Americans won overall as soon as Neil Armstrong stepped onto the surface of the moon

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