When trying to think of which part of the blog I enjoyed writing about most I struggled to pinpoint only one. After logging into Twitter I realised it was its 10th birthday and thought why not celebrate it by writing my final blog post about how the wonderful world of Twitter interlinks with many of the subjects our blog posts have touched on.

  1. Online Resources

Twitter is a great place to find a variety of sources, although many of them are not necessarily academic sources this is a place where we find most of our information first. For example, whenever a major story breaks through I hear about it first through my automatic Twitter notifications from accounts such as The Guardian. This then links to a reliable source such as The Guardian’s website.


2. Audience Participation 

Recently Twitter created the option to create polls that allows users to vote anonymously from two options within 24 hours. This gives users the opportunity to ask their follows for their participation and input on almost anything e.g. ‘Should the UK leave the EU?’ (Yes or No) Or ‘What should I have for dinner?’ (McDonald’s or KFC).

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 19.01.51

3. Online Communities

In my blog post about this subject I spoke about Taylor Swift’s fanbase (‘swifties’) who have a huge presence on social media, especially Twitter. However this is not the only fanbase to have a large online presence on Twitter. Twitter is a platform that allows online communities to communicate freely with each other, although 140 can be restrictive. From here online communities often become close friends and will sometimes organise meet-ups to hang out with each other and bond over their shared interests. Accounts such as Taylor Nation help to support and encourage these online relationships.

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 19.52.29.png

     4. Online Visibility

An obvious subject that links with Twitter is online visibility. From reading many previous blog posts on this topic it seemed many of us did not realise how much information about ourselves is available online. Since reading everyone’s stories and solutions to protect our data I have made many of my accounts private, including Twitter. This way only those I know will have access to the content I display.

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 19.32.58.png


  1. I like the way you linked Twitter to different topics that we touched on during the module. I agree, it would have been pretty hard to pinpoint just one topic seeing as Twitter has influenced us in many different ways


  2. When you look at such a big social network, as Twitter is, you can start to see how they are seemingly very aware of how they deal with the various topics we have looked at over this course. It is as if they want to maximise their visibility and publicity in all of these areas whether it is implementing new features for audience participation or supporting their users in terms of privacy settings.


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