Who controls the Internet?

Everyone likes everything what is free, especially students love it. As you know guys, the Internet provides a quite wide range of content nowadays. However, not all the content is under a strict control and restriction…


In this way, some stuff which we search everyday there is in the Internet illegally. The great example for that is music. How many of us buy CD’s and albums of our favorite artists? How many of us pay for listening to or downloading music? I suppose that’s just few of us. Most people prefer to use websites to download free music and the Internet is full of websites which make it simply possible. The one which I have found is LAST.FM. On this website you can access free music streaming online as well as downloaded, videos, photos, artists’ biographies, concerts and internet radio. It sounds cool, doesn’t it?


However, is it fair for artists to getting access to all this stuff?  Of course, many artists decide to sell their songs online as they can reach a wide audience of the whole world. The problem is when the music is replicated and shared illegally. It causes that artists don’t earn on their songs but also depreciate the value of the music and make it sounds completely different than the original one. What’s more downloading music of not trustworthy sources make a risk of getting a virus as we can never be sure what we download in real.. I guess we should  think over our choices and decide what is important for us, because ‘cheap’ or ‘free’ doesn’t always mean ‘good’ and ‘legal’.


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