Taylor Swift should just put her album on Spotify already.

I’m sure it’s fair to say that all of us at one point in our lives has illegal downloaded a song or two. I remember when I first started doing so and I was afraid that the police would pull my Mum’s car over, find my iPod and take me straight to jail for it. However becoming a poor student means that I’d risk some jail time to download Adele’s new album because lets be honest, who has a spare tenner for something like that?

TIDAL is a music subscription service similar to Spotify, but it does not have the option to listen for free. It does offer a 30 day free trial and once this is up you immediately get charged either £9.99 or if you’re particularly rich £19.99 a month to stream music. This was set up by Jay Z to ensure that “we’ll spread that money to artists more fairly”. He makes some fair points that people will happily pay similar money for meals out and other luxuries and he says he feels that artists deserve to be paid more for people streaming their music.

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 22.40.42.png

There are some artists such as Taylor Swift or Adele who do not release their music to Spotify and have strict copyright laws on their songs so that even YouTube lyric videos get taken down. The advantages for the artist’s is that people can only access their music after paying for it, meaning that the writers, producers and artists get paid for their work. I personally feel that if all musicians made it impossible to listen to their songs without subscriptions, they may lose huge numbers of followers. Consumers such as younger adults and poor Uni students like us simply can’t afford to pay for these things without buying Sainsbury’s basics Vodka for our pre-drinks and who would wish that on anyone?



  1. Copyright and artists is a debate that will never end. Musicians and artists do deserve credit and getting paid, indeed, that’s only fair. And if I was an artist, I’d want to get as much money as possible for what I’ve produced. Yet, as you pointed out, there are also common people like us who can’t afford spending that much. I think artists like Adele or Taylor Swift should consider putting their songs on Spotify or at least making those somehow more accessible for wider audience because at this stage they are not really thinking about their loyal admirers.


  2. I am very thankful that the majority of artists do not enforce such strict copyrights on their songs, but I can see Jay-Z’s point about artists getting paid more for the songs they’re streaming. Not for artists like Taylor Swift, but for smaller artists and independent labels who really cannot afford to have people illegally downloading their music. Artists like Adele and Taylor Swift may have to risk losing out on some consumers because of how much they copyright their songs.


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