Sky Go

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 16.59.22Sky Go is an online television service from Sky UK Limited (formerly BSkyB), allowing users to live stream Sky’s satellite-only channels and provides catch-up/on-demand content from these channels. The unique selling point of Sky Go, like Sky Digital, is that it heavily screens American television programmes and has exclusive rights to certain Sporting events. In fact, copyright is so strict that some programmes can’t be streamed online – most notably The Simpson.


Sky Go is free as part of a Sky TV Subscription, with the option to upgrade to 4 devices (from 2 devices) including games consoles. Having such strict copyright (and presumedly expensive) licenses explains why only 37.3 million minutes are watched on Sky Go (in comparison to BBC iPlayer which streamed over 400 million minutes worth of content). If the service was shared with the public under the Creative Commons Licence, despite the increase in users, it would become an extreme financial burden to the Murdock Empire – as it would also encourage it’s TV subscribers to cancel their subscriptions.


  1. I have skygo on my ipad when I feel like catching up on my favourite television series such as american horror story, because I find that it is hard to find those sorts of television series on anything else. It doesn’t surprise me when you stated that a lot more people tune in to bbc iplayer because you don’t need a tv licence to have it, for example if my mum never set up skygo on her account I would never have it. It is interesting to think that if it was under a creative commons licence that people would cancel their subscription, I never really thought of it before but suppose they would because sky isn’t cheap.


  2. I was wondering if I should pay for skygo and if it is worth of its price.. I heard They provide some programmes which are not avalaible anywhere online but I didn’t know why it’s so expensive. However, what you have written probably makes sense and people who use skygo pay for a better quality.


  3. I think the risk of falling into financial burden is a major reason in why iTune, Netflix, Sky Go and many other media outlets are under strict copyright restriction. Without the money, they won’t be able to access and retrieve the latest contents ( music, music videos, movies, etc) . The precise reason that keeps them popular and in demand in the first place.


  4. Before Sky Go was introduced, you were able to watch a variety of Sky channels on your subscription service on one device for free e.g. console, iPad etc. However when this was introduced, Sky demanded money, this was annoying for someone like me who streamed a lot of Sky channels off my Xbox 360 console, as my mum (bill payer) couldn’t afford to add extra money on each month just for my sake. This meant that I lost the ability to watch or stream TV off my console.


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