Paying For Creative Freedom

Today I’m actually focusing on WordPress, which we are all using to interact on our course right now. Being a journalism student, blogs have often been encouraged to me as a way to regularly write and showcase work.

The design of a blog is often the most important aspect for many people, especially as many use it as a website for their company, so it’s essential to look professional and unique. This is where access becomes a problem; when you search for a ‘theme’ you are given a wide selection of templates, many of which look amazing. However, the bubble quickly bursts when you realise the rather pricey amount they’re asking for to use it.

Of course, there are a range of free templates but these hold restrictions, since you are constrained by a basic template limiting your control of fonts and colours.

WordPress Themes

This one here (right) was one of the most expensive I saw at $175 (roughly £125).

WordPress also offer different plan options when you sign up, meaning you have the choice to stay on the ‘free’ plan which never expires or you can go for the option of ‘premium’ at $99 per year or ‘business’ at $299 per year.

WordPress Account Plans

This grid shows the increased control you gain over your blog when you pay money.

As you can guess, the theme’s we use originate from a designer somewhere along the line, so the charge to use them is unsurprising. If a business is going to have success with their website based on the great design they used, then it only seems fair that the designer makes some money back too.


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  1. I think paying for different templates – font and colours makes sense as it is not the ‘gist’ of creativity so the website is not restrictive for people who use it as a way to practice their hobby and are targeting a regularly small audience. However, if one wants to make a living by writing, then logically, they have to invest in their business. I think WordPress is not restrictive to students and the plan option they offer are reasonable.


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