Not the best Times for journalists

The New York times is one of the most renowned newspapers in todays age. However, you need to pay and subscribe to read articles!

If you download the application, you get 10 free articles for a month

Thats a little messed up in my opinion, what is the point of regulation for a form of free speech. Being a great newspaper, it seems unfair to me, especially as a journalist that I need to pay to read the news and since I’m situated in the UK its nearly impossible to get a copy of the paper.

Some news outlets like the guardian aren’t exactly copyright but they do urge readers to donate a pound or two to keep the website in good condition. Honestly, i think copyright on sites that are for educational purposes should be completely obliterated, but thats just my journalistic opinion. If a newspaper is that successful, then why are we funding its growth?


Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 1.37.37 pm.png


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