Developed by Apple Inc., iTunes is a media player and media library in which allows us to download a range of media outlets from music videos, to music, television shows, audiobooks, podcast, movies and to ringtones. Pretty much everything you need to be entertained.  To download these series of outlets which are under copyright restriction, users need to purchase them.

If iTunes had fewer restriction under a Creative Commons, I feel like it wouldn’t be able to sustain itself anymore. As ITunes contents are always updated, they need the revenue in order to continue purchasing the latest contents. This can only be accomplished through users paying a fee for the contents they retrieve from iTunes.  But also having these restriction, iTunes has managed to keep adverts at bay which is usually found in other music application such as Spotify because users can only stream music if their online.

In some ways it is positive aspect as people have ownership over the contents they purchase from iTunes and are able to easily listen and watch them without the interference of adverts. The downfall I guess you can say, which is generally a common complaint is the notion of paying a fee. Yes of course the fee is usually 0.99p, which is relatively cheap, but if one purchases more than one, the amount can be usually high.

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