Copywritten, so don’t copy me…

Hi guys! If the topic is copyright restrictions, then one of the easiest examples to use regarding this is the music service companies- Spotify in particular, as it’s one of the most used streaming services available to us, along with Google Music, Apple Music and that other company that wants me to sign up in order to listen to Kanye West’s new album (shan’t be named).spotifylogo2013

This company does give new users a free trial before having to pay a monthly fee for the premium version, which offers good quality music with no interruptions. This seems fair, because at least the new use gets the chance to experience what they will be paying for, and the company/ artists don’t have to worry about anyone abusing strict copyright restrictions- well, you would think so.55956883

Spotify have been sued for at least $150m by a bunch of music artists, such as Taylor Swift, who claim that Spotify have reproduced and distributed their music without permission. This has resulted in many of our favourite pop stars taking their music off of this site. I see their point in doing so, because how is the artist supposed to gain money from their work otherwise? In my opinion, the creative common licence needs to be a lot more strict in order to protect original content. What do you guys think?

(Post title inspired by Missy Elliott’s Get Your Freak On)






  1. I completely agree that Copyright restrictions should be tighter to protect the artist and their content. We all know it’s possible to download music illegally but then we’re jeopardising the artist”s career. Yes, bigger artists’ such as Taylor Swift and Adele make millions of pounds so surely our little illegal download won’t affect them. Although if everyone did that their sales would suffer and all the hard work themselves and their co-workers went though to create the album would have no value.
    As awkward as it is for us in debt students to pay for their album, but if you were in their position, wouldn’t you like to be paid for your hard work?


  2. Copyright when it comes to music is a tricky thing, its some what impossible to control all genres of music in this fast paced business. I understand where you’re coming from about musicians not having access to their own music anymore but that does not mean that they are being robbed of it. Giant superstars are not going to be effected by a tiny download, but at the end of the day, if every single person does it, it may have a dent in their billions


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