BRIT Awards: unavailable in Britain

imagegenA recent experience I had with copyright restrictions was when I tried to watch the BRIT Awards live on YouTube. The really annoying announcement that the uploader has not made this video available in ‘my’ country was there on the screen.

At first, I was quite surprised because I have always been able to live stream the awards show back at my home-country. Being banned from watching it while a few miles away from the place where the event was actually taking place was strange. It struck me then – TV licence!


The ITV was broadcasting the event live (it wasn’t available online on their website) and if I wanted to watch Adele performing at the BRIT Awards I should have paid for the TV licence – not to mention that I don’t even own a TV. Still, people in other countries could enjoy the star-studded ceremony.

That makes me think that they lost quite a big audience because many students like me, for example, were not able to watch and therefore tweet or post on Facebook on things that they’ve just spotted. That’s still publicity after all and the BRITS lost it due to copyright agreements with ITV.


  1. I understand that ITV wants to protect its copyright in the UK, but it is annoying as now many of us just don’t watch TV programmes on TV. It would be more convenient to charge the audience for accessing the video online, then again it’s unfair for UK audience if people outside the country can watch the ceremony for free!


  2. This seems like an obvious example of where traditional TV broadcasters are still naive about streaming to new media and shows how the relationship between broadcasters and new media is still in its infancy stage. The fact there were issues for people trying to watch from the same country of broadcast is a major problem that really shouldn’t be overlooked as more and more of the audience moves to consuming content online.


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