All about the Kardashians

In September 2015 the Kardashian (apart from Kourtney) and Jenner sister’s teamed up to create their own websites, the websites feature style guides, make up tutorials and about their lifestyles like fitness tips and tricks. For a hard core Kardashian fan this would be something to die for but there is a slight catch, some of the content on the websites aren’t free! If someone wanted to access all the content from each website they would have to pay $3 (£2.13) a month and that’s just for one website, so for all the 4 websites combined it would cost $12 (£8.52) a month, to some this wouldn’t seem a lot but just for a few make up tutorials and lifestyle tips it is costly.

kardahsian shit

I don’t quite understand why they have made some content private when you can just log onto YouTube for example and find the exact the same tutorials, just because it is the Kardashian’s people are willing to sign up for a subscription which I find totally bizarre, because they already have their lives on show in their programme “Keeping up with the Kardashians”.

Also not all their fans can afford to pay for the websites after the 7 day free trial which to some of them is upsetting, if all the websites were free then these fans could feel included, surely you would want all your fans to be included?…

Kim Kardashians Website

Khloe Kardashians Website

Kylie Jenners Website

Kendall Jenners Website



  1. This literally annoys the heck out of me (as if they need more money!?) It so exclusive, and if they really wanted their fans to connect with them on another level and feel more involved, they would have provided this ‘exclusive’ content for free. They probably get half their tip from YouTube videos anyway, so surely we should be flagging them up for copyright material..aha

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  2. I agree that this makes no sense! The Kardashians already made their millions and it seems ridiculous to make content that can be found free on YouTube such as make up tutorials cost! They don’t even do their own make up, they have artists to do it for them! Just another example that if you’re a celebrity you can put your face on anything and people will buy it..

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  3. For a hard-core Kardashian fan, they would most likely, like to show support for the family buy paying for the service. However, any logical thinker would just look up the information on Google or YouTube instead of paying for it, of course this is just another way for the family to generate money, but its ridiculous to pay for something, which is given for free elsewhere.

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