The Sun’s ‘Pay’-wall, bless them.

Who remembers that time when The Sun introduced their paywall and thought it would make readers start to subscribe and pay for their content? How cute.

aww awww shrek

This major restriction of content stopped people from reading The Sun online. This is unlikely to be as a means of avoiding copyrighted articles as most news publications get their news from the same place and you cannot really ‘copyright’ news and facts. And even if a newspaper breaks the story first, there’s always another angle.

Print circulation has been damaged as a direct result of the sheer volume of online-content. The increasing popularity of online news has also faced a difficulty in making money without bombarding you to find love on or to cash-your-gold (possibly quite a handy suggestion if you’re a struggling student). 

Without advertisements it’s a struggle to make a profit and a profit keeps any business man or woman’s heart beating, so much so that it may restrict the functionality of the brain and they may think a paywall is a good idea.

The Sun’s thinking was that if they stop stories half way through and tell you, you have to subscribe –and pay- or not offer stories at all unless you subscribe then they’ll make more money and the Murdoch empire will have us all on our knees throwing money for their news.

BREAKING NEWS: There are thousands of websites containing news, for free, so there was never a necessity to be paying for a deluded right-wing newspaper, sorry Mr Murdoch.

The paywall was more wall and less pay and that’s probably why it no longer exists.

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  1. Seems like a bit of a no-brainer. I mean who wants to pay to read The literal Sun, certainly not me. I think it’s more understandable for News UK’s other publication The Times to maintain its paywall because of its differing target market and its desire to be marketed as The UK’s ‘premium paper’.


  2. News in my opinion, should be freely accessible to anyone regardless their income or social status. But to make even a tabloid a ”luxury” is ridiculous – why would anyone do that? Who would pay to read how a two-headed calf might spell end of the world? (There actually is an article on this) Also, they should’ve kept in mind that their audience wasn’t able to spend extra for ‘newsworthy’ articles as tabloids are usually read by working class people.


  3. The paywall was a silly idea from the start really, it was obvious that it was not going to work because of all the other free alternatives avaliable, why pay for something when you can get it for free? I think this is an excellent example and shows how advertising has a massive role when it comes to profit for most companies, especially newspapers.


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