Shutter stock: Best Royalty-Free Stock Fotage



Have you ever needed some footage or picture to use for a production ? There is footage available free all over the internet, but is it royalty free. Can you use that footage and not be hit with copyright strikes. If you’ve made a  shot film/video, maybe some of you have taken shots from Google or YouTube to fill in something you can’t necessarily shoot yourself. A drone shot of the shard might not be something you can get yourself but there is footage out there available for you to use. Downloading someone’s video from YouTube and using short clips from it doesn’t give you the right to use it, especially if you’re trying to monetize content that isn’t yours.

However, there are websites and some YouTube channels out there that allow the re-use of footage or images that people have shot themselves and are distributing it out royalty-free. Although it may be free, some creators may ask for you to credit their work somewhere, which is fine considering you are making money from their content.

Shutter stock is a site available that allows for people to pay a fee for a whole range of royalty free content. The content available ranges from: Music, stock footage, pictures, visual elements and more. Shutter stock offers all this content at high quality downloads, a variety of stock footage is shot in 4k. The high quality content available is something that downloading a YouTube video or song won’t have.

Nonetheless, the content is somewhat expensive which may put people off. If the content was available totally free, it would be used more than double the amount it is now. But this means the content creators won’t receive any payment at all and therefore, such content might not be available like this as there is no benefit for them to shoot said content.

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  1. I think image banks such as Shutter Stock and Getty Images are a brilliant source for companies/magazines etc. to illustrate their work. If you need an image for commercial use then paying the price for the image on one of these sites is most likely to be cheaper (and definitely less work) than shooting the image yourself. Shooting stock photos is a profession, therefore photographers have the right to be payed for their images. The Royalty-Free licence is a good deal as you can use the images multiple times whilst only paying once!


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