Apple Music: Jumping on the Streaming Bandwagon

After turning the digital market place on it’s head in 2003 when they launched the iTunes store, Apple have now caught up with the latest trend: streaming media. In 2015, Apple launched Apple Music which now competes with the huge titles of Spotify, Tidal and Rdio.

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Although Apple Music is included for free on all recent Apple products, you cannot use it unless you pay a subscription fee of £9.99 a month, and unfortunately, there isn’t a discounted student fee. However, there is a three-month free period. But like all free periods, Apple will sneakily take the money out of your account.

If Apple Music were to share the platform with fewer restrictions under a Creative Commons license, I believe that it would not have the same amount of popularity or success. Spotify already has an option for free and the reason that some people choose to pay is to get rid of the (very annoying) ads that appear every few songs. Artists who are featured on Apple Music may have some complaints on their own if a Creative Commons license were to be introduced. At the moment, thanks to Taylor Swift and some independent labels, artists are now being paid royalties during the three-month free period as Apple had originally not planned to allow this.

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  1. I can’t believe it has taken Apple this long to create their own version of a streaming site, usually they’re amongst the first to launch a new idea (or at least the first to replicate someone else’s idea).
    The element that makes me more likely to use Apple Music rather than any other streaming sites is how easy it is to use on an iPhone e.g. you don’t have to download a new app. It’s a lot quicker to pay £9.99 and have all the music I want to listen to (e.g. Taylor Swift and Adele) rather than investing in a new app that has a restricted content because artists have removed their music from it.


  2. I think it’s smart of Apple to offer the trial period as users will be able to see whether the site is good enough to pay for. Apple will need the fee in order to pay the correct people and avoid copyright issues; therefore Taylor Swift was well within her rights to demand the royalties during the trial month period as essentially users will get her music for free which is not the desired artistry career.


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