a habit changing 3-month


I’m not proud to say that, just a couple of months ago, I was one of those who never paid for the songs they listen to. However, I’ve been a converted member of Apple Music, ever since it lunched in June 2015. And I’m positive to say that I’m not the only one whose music listening habit has been changed by Apple Music’s 3-month free trail.


After “revolutionized digital music” with iPod and iTunes, Apple introduce this music streaming app for all ios, Mac, as well as Windows and Android devices. apart from listening and downloading music, the users can get access to music radios like Beats 1. The app also offers customizing functions. As soon as you log in to Apple Music and go to the “For You” tab, you will see an array of bubbles offering genres and, on a separate screen, artists, so you can select which artists and genres you prefer. This feature tells the company what music you like and what artists you are indifferent to, so as you listen, you can continue to tap on hearts to tell the company your tastes  – defining your personal algorithm – so that it can make educated guesses on playlists and other content.

The 3-month free trail appears to be a successful tactic as of February 2016, Apple Music had exceeded 11 million subscribers since ending the initial trials in September 2015. However the fact that the Apple company is not paying the artists when their songs are listened in the first 3 months, has occurred great controversy in the music industry. Taylor Swift wrote an open letter publicly criticizing Apple’s decision to not reimburse artists during a user’s three-month free trial period and announced that she would be holding back her album 1989 from the service. She said the policy was “unfair” as “Apple Music will not be paying writers, producers, or artists for those three months”.



  1. Like you, I have never paid money for listening to music but I myself found Spotify and fell in love with the world of online streaming. Like apple music, there is a fee that comes along with it that most musicians disapprove of. But, having some fees are better than none right? The law suit that happened between taylor and apple music was quite stupid in my opinion. The whole reason why nobody was to pay in the first 3 months was to get users addicted and then eventually ask them to pay when they are hooked. Copyright on music is confusing & I believe some tiny illegal downloads won’t ruin the singers image but infact enhance it


  2. This is really interesting that Apple Music has managed to change your outlook and the way you listen to music, which is a positive thing. I think this shows that in this day and age, with the pace that technology is developing at, people need something a bit more special offered to them than just the standard format of paying and receiving a song.

    As you describe, Apple Music offers a fun layout and cool functions that aim to cater to the needs of the listener and ultimately, work to make your life easier. Therefore, I think this shows that today we need to be enticed by a more exciting deal in order to be willing to pay for items. Otherwise, the majority will just find the loopholes.

    I think not paying the musicians in the trial period is a difficult debate but looking at the situation long term, it could potentially really help artists as the offer would get more fans on board.


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