You Tube, then I Tube.


Copyright is a controversial and tricky subject in this modern world. With social media sites increasing in popularity, it’s sometimes hard to remember that such a law exists. We constantly share things over the internet – if we find a song we like, we’ll share it, if we find a funny video, we’ll share it, however, sites such as YouTube have become stricter with their upload policy, in an attempt to prevent copyright to happen.

For example, anyone can start a YouTube channel and upload content, but it’s now stressed that your content has to be 100% original, otherwise, it’ll be removed. This is all good for people who use their channel as a bit of fun, but for those who take it more seriously, and those who generate an income through their videos, life has got a whole lot harder.

If you’re into your make-up and fashion channels, you’ll probably notice how some of the most popular YouTubers use the same ole ditty as background music – coincidence? I KNOW not. YouTube will not provide the money if their video is flagged for copyright claims, and the biggest issue currently is music. New features have been incorporated over the years to make sure that people are acting correctly under the ‘creative common license‘ which means that they have to use music that the artists themselves, have given permission for them to use. This means, you can’t just use a popular ‘chart-topper’ song anymore, you have to use an original, ‘copyright free’ piece that YouTube or even some editing softwares such as ‘iMovie’ provide.

Of course, this law is here for a reason and in this case it’s to protect original content and give credit where due, I personally, don’t have an issue with it. Without this law, music artists would be more reluctant to create songs, YouTubers would probably create more boring music-less videos and people would not be properly celebrated for their creativity.

In this day and age, it’s hard enough to be “orig'” so as annoying as copyright is, it’s for the best so we better just accept it.



  1. Copyright is a brilliant law to protect original artists and keeps both their work and funds safe. However, it can restrict entertainment value; YouTubers may have great verbal content for a video but are unable to add extra entertainment value without the use of copyrighted music which is popular for a reason. Creativity and originality is great but maybe more Creative Commons Licences need to be introduced as it is ridiculous to assume that everyone is able to be creative in all areas of media like music AND YouTube video content.

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  2. I agree with your considerations. The copyright law can be hard to tackle when building a multimedia package like most professional YouTubers do. If on the one hand is supposed to protect artists, it’s hurting other artists, videomakers!. The law needs to be reshaped in a way that it helps both. I think that If Youtubers, only the serious ones, were allowed to use specific songs, maybe by a paying a small licence fee or by simply signing a statement that would confirm why and how are they using those songs, there could be a meeting point between intellectual property and creativity.

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  3. I think for those professional youtubers who get paid by the company the creative common license fee should not be a problem. But for starting-up youtubers it would be really restrictive, they can either pay an extra amount without making profits, or the quality of their videos could be affected.

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