News and exclusion

the-times-logo-lea-and-sandeman-wine-merchantsThe Times newspaper is not available in full online (like various other publications, but certainly this is a minority). With a subscription, you can access the online content in full; but without one, you would need to buy a physical copy. I find this sort of thing problematic for variety of reasons, most directly that it creates an exclusive readership. The Times is a news publication, not a specialist interest magazine. I find the idea of limiting access to new publications troubling: news, information and opinion sources such as this should be something everyone has access to, not an exclusive elite who choose to and can afford to subscribe.

Furthermore, the broadly held opinion is that The Times is a Conservative-centric newspaper, in that its views and opinions toe a Tory school of thought. This further establishes an atmosphere of exclusivity. Of course, I’m not suggesting that newspapers with political agendas should not exist – if this was the case we’d have far fewer newspapers than we do currently. However, everyone should have the right to access these sources; and online sources allow that. They provide inclusion.

It’s dangerous, I think, to limit access to sources that pertain to provide information that is in the public interest, when not all of the public can view it.



  1. I agree with your point of view, newspapers are for everyone, the general public and by adding a subscription charge for online viewing, it is creating an unnecessary divide – on the other hand, times are hard for newspapers (pardon the pun…), with the digitalisation of publications, the print industry is struggling to generate as much income as they once did, so you could argue that by charging to have a print publication digitalised, is one way of both generating more money, whilst also subtly displaying their negative views on the digitalisation movement which is having negative outcomes on more traditional forms of journalism.


  2. I agree, everyone should have the right to access these sources as if they don’t, people with always find another site to find information for free- just like music services. But at the same time, I understand that these publications being digitized is quite an adjustment, and still need to come to some sort of monetary agreement with their readers.


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