Netflix and Chill

Netflix is a subscription service only made available to an individual who pays for the content to be made available to them. However under the creative copyright act, it allows its users to have this service on up to five multiple devices at any given time.

This is a major advantage Netflix provides its users because it knows full well that this system draws in greater custom for them, as a person does not need to pay for more accounts just to watch a movie or programme on another device elsewhere.

However by Netflix using this system has potentially jeopardized their future as a business, rumour has it that towards the end of this year Netflix will no longer be around as it cannot afford to continue to use this system.

If the company introduced the strict copyright control act it would certainly loose the custom it has gained throughout the years, however this doesn’t necessarily mean it would loose out on money as it would potentially gain cash in other areas, as a new account would need to be paid for from every individual device an account is created on.


  1. No Netflix by the end of the year?! Very interesting but personally, I think the service will last at least another couple of years before it’s replaced by a company that will in fact introduce a stricter copyright control act like you suggested. Bu


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