The one and only Étienne Fermie

My online presence isn’t remarkable. It is probably just the average for a guy my age. I have Facebook and Twitter, but no Instagram or Tumblr. I shouldn’t be that visible online surely?

But despite the perks of having a unique name, one of the pitfalls I suppose could be that I am easily found. I am, to my knowledge, the only Étienne Fermie on Earth. So if you’ve heard or seen something about an Étienne Fermie, it’s probably referring to me.

etienne fermie google

Above is the result of a google image search of my name. The first and third pictures that come up are of me. The second picture is a friend of mine. Below the picture of me looking very red is my mum wearing a grey beret. Also included is a book i’ve read and another couple of pictures that i’ve tweeted. All this within the first two rows.

A little Google web search and suddenly I seem famous. On the first page there is my twitter account, my Facebook account, my writer page, my Storify account, as well as a comment I made three years ago on

The perks of being the one and only.


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  1. I think you’ve raised an interesting point here. My surname isn’t quite so common but my first name definitely is meaning my online visibility is far more difficult to filter down unlike ‘the one and only’. This gives those with rarer names the opportunity to exploit the spotlight that Google has to inevitably give up to a unique name but this would also shed more light onto your online mistakes made where all the Charlotte’s and the Mr and Mrs Smith’s can hide. Also, greatly appreciated the link at the end.


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