Privacy Pranks & Stalkers

I have almost every type of social media platform there is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc, you name it and I most likely have an account. As someone who wants to work with social media in a future career I feel a need to  understand how they all work, even if I don’t use the regularly. This could mean I have a lot of information about myself available, although I use certain tactics to make my information more difficult to find.

For example my instagram and blog usernames hold no relevance to my actual name, instead they are related to what I post. I love to travel around London as well as the rest of the world, hence the username is related to wanderlust. This means only close friends and people who are interested in traveling too follow can find me and check what I’m doing and thinking.

The majority of my social media accounts that use my full name are on high privacy settings so that only my immediate circle of people I trust can see my whereabouts. Having a stranger come up to you and know random facts about you isn’t exactly a fun experience…unless it’s Buzzfeed playing a prank on you.

I no point would I ever put my phone number and address online, but then I realised I have. For example to use Facebook Messenger you have to enter your phone number in order to use the site. Now anyone on your Facebook friends can voice or video call you. That’s not too bad, I wouldn’t mind a call from the majority of the people I’m friends with. Although that still means my personal information is out there and I’m almost certain that those I least want to get my information – e.g. stalkers and hackers -can find it whenever they want to.

So how do you keep stalkers and hackers away when you already have your privacy on the highest settings?




  1. I only found out today that my phone number is on Facebook and I didn’t even realise that by signing up for messenger this would happen. I think that goes to show how trusting I am of these social media sites, I will happily give away information without a second thought if it makes my life easier. I think it’s true that our generation are learning about the importance of privacy, you are an example as you’ve only got trusted friends on Facebook. This is something we should all look into doing as you never know where your information will end up!

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  2. My mum just decided she wanted to join Facebook so she created an account and everything. when I checked it out I found that she had not only her mobile phone number, but also the address of our home!! She didn’t know of course but You can still imagine my disappointment… personally I don’t have any personal information shared online, also my name is (kind of) fake. I think that’s the only way


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