Personal Space

Like most people here, when ‘googling’ myself a couple of images do crop up. This is unsurprising as I have a social media presence with accounts on; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, WordPress etc.

However, I’ve always been rather cautious with my online activity. I suppose it’s just the type of person I am; I don’t like the idea of someone I don’t know having access to photos or information about me – whether it’s good or bad! This means that on Facebook, for example, most of my profile is set to ‘Friends only’ including profile pictures and I haven’t really given away anything too personal; such as my number or email, despite Facebook’s attempts to get me to update these. My Instagram is also set to private, allowing me to control who follows my profile and sees what I post. Therefore, nothing too harmful is escaping there.

Profile for blog

There’s a function that allows you to see what it’s like when the public looks at your profile and what information is available.

Despite this, I noticed that when Facebook brought in ‘cover photos’, privacy wasn’t applicable. From what I gather, they are automatically set to ‘public’ without an alternative option. For some, a cover photo isn’t necessarily of themselves so this wouldn’t matter but if you have friends or other people in those photos, then this becomes a bigger issue because it starts to affect them too.

It’s also evident that no matter how cautious you may be, if you want to interact with the technology of today and feel involved with the modern world, then to some extent you have to accept a loss of control over your privacy.



  1. I completely agree that as long as we use the internet in some shape or form, we will always be sacrificing part of our privacy. Whether its our phone number, our current location or even just a photo we’ve taken.
    Although to some extent even those who do not use the internet still have some personal information exposed online. For example my grandparents have only got a landline phone and yet their address, phone numbers and several photos of them can be found online.
    I suppose we’re never truly invisible online until we have absolutely no contact with technology.


  2. By going on the internet you are essentially giving information away as you are using, it’s just up to the user to decide on what information they want going out. Whether you choose to keep the world updated with all the new things happening in your life or keep yourself more concealed from the public, some information will leak but that just part and parcel of using the internet. But will this always be the issue, will our privacy become more tighter or will it be more accessible in the future ?


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