Online Invisibility


Personally, I use different social media platforms for different purposes and I change the privacy settings accordingly. My Facebook is definitely my most personal online profile (although I mostly use it for instant messaging); I keep it on the highest privacy settings. I use Instagram as a free online portfolio where I can look back to see if my work/photographs are improving. This account does not contain any personal information other than my name, therefore I haven’t bothered to change the privacy settings to private. Also, I live in hope that someone important will decide I’m incredibly talented and propel me to success. Lastly, I have been proactive enough to set up a LinkedIn account but not enough to have added any information.

When I googled my name, none of my online profiles were retrieved. With so many internet users I’d say I am fairly invisible online. I think I am ‘valued’ most as a possible consumer to advertisers, as is the case with most internet users. I use online websites with the assumption that my online profiles can be viewed by anyone. Your connections in real life e.g. your family, friends and employers, are the people most likely to view your online profiles. I think it is important to self-regulate your online self as you would your real life self. I don’t want anyone to know I am an avid supporter of Donald Trump.


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  1. I can agree on a personal level, that I use Facebook as my most personal online profile where I tend to share the most amount of content about myself and my friends and family. I have had it since 2010 and have many pictures and posts I do not want anybody to see. I use my other online accounts such as Twitter as a more professional online platform. Therefore the privacy settings I have used on each of the platforms are very different, with my Facebook account being highly privatised and my Twitter account being public. I tend to watch what I post on Twitter so that my potential future employers don’t catch me up to any mischief, however on Facebook I do not, as I don’t feel the need to.

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