My privacy, my choice – not anymore

Iinternet-privacyn previous blog posts we had our say on what we think about the Internet and some of the content on it. However, today we have to check what the Internet has to say about us which I think is even more interesting.

Some of you might think “What’s there on the Internet, is all the data I’ve consented to share myself.” But it’s not true. At least not for me.

Typing my name in Google using UK keyboard, there’s not much you can find about me. All the information shown – LinkedIn, Tweeter or profiles belong to a relative of mine who happens to bear the same name and surname as me.

However, when typing my name in Bulgarian I was surprised to find information for me disclosed which I never consented to share. For instance, the result of my driving licence test was there. (Thank God, I passed it.) I could also see the grades I’ve received in some competitions. My date of birth was right next to my grades. None of this I would like to be seen by random people or stalkers. But is it even my choice?!


  1. I thought it was interesting when you typed your name in Bulgarian a load of information about you came up, in a way it is good you done that so you know how much information is online about you. It is scary that your driving test results and even your grades are on Google without your consent, makes you wonder who can you trust, or can you trust anyone online at all?

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  2. It is worrying how much information is provided about you on the internet and not always shared with consent – I have the similar problem where my driving lesson’s company shared my results on their blog (which incidentally, I’ve only just found out having Googled my name for this blog entry…). It makes me wonder what else is there about us online that we don’t know about?

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  3. Wow! That’s really scary to think such personal information like that is available online. I think the majority of us are worried about D.O.B, address and full names being available to see, nether mind having that. However, as you mentioned this information was only available when you went through the Bulgarian Google, could this be a product of the rules and terms that Bulgaria has ? It may be that Bulgaria has a different internet information act that is less private than the UK. I say this because you mentioned that nothing came up on the UK version of Google. Maybe the UK is more private in terms of what is available to the public and the sharing of information you put into different sites.

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  4. I also found that though there’s not much information about me when I searched my name in English, when I search my Chinese name at a different search engine (the one used in China) a lot more of my privacy was found. Aside from the fact that there’s just more information about me in Chinese I also wonder does Google actually protects my privacy better?

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  5. That is very interesting but i guess it should be obvious that other countries may have a more relax system when it comes to sharing details of others online. I could only assume that the country may not see it as a threat and maybe it isn’t. Beside the concerns over people taking our information photo, videos etc because I am sure it is everyones concern, I feel that we haven’t gain enough knowledge about the mighty internet, to be sure if it does matter or not, and if it does to what extent would that be.

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