My Lack of Internet Presence

I like to think I’m careful when it comes to my visibility online. I go by two different surnames, and only use Davis, the surname on my birth certificate for Linkedin (mainly because that’s the name I use when I apply for jobs). As Davis is such a common surname, and admittedly, I’m not an avid user of LinkedIn, I’m not even on the first page of results. I use the surname Killeen for the rest of my online social media, such as Facebook and Instagram, and again, I’m fairly careful with the information I put on there.

My Facebook account is private, so if you’re not friends with me on there, you’ll hopefully struggle to find very little information about me.

Picture 1 blog post 6

I chose not to sync my phone number with Facebook either. However, when it comes to pictures (and those awful tagged ones), I’m a little more careless. There are pictures of me going out with friends, pictures of me with my family, and also pictures where the location is on so everyone can see where I was. Perfect for those holiday pictures where you’re definitely but subtly trying to brag about being away for the summer.

Despite me thinking that I’m wary with my online presence, after a quick Google images search of myself, I came across a very old and embarrassing picture of me from about four years ago, that was once my profile picture on Facebook. Considering this picture is no longer on my profile, or anywhere else for that matter, it is almost scary how this picture is still online, and it has definitely convinced me that when you share an image on the internet, it’s there forever.

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  1. It is very wise of you to have two different profiles – one for personal use and the other for professional. Also, I wouldn’t have thought of using a made up surname for a personal profile but that’s just because my surname is not as common as your is.
    Bragging about where you’ve been is a part of teenage life, indeed; we all do that. Yet, I believe, you should be a bit more careful when it comes to tagging or letting be tagged yourself. This also applies to me – I might go and change my settings after posting this comment.
    And as for your fabulous photo – it is indeed scary; once something is put on the Internet, it’s there forever.


  2. It’s scary to think that even though you’ve deleted images off of your profile – not only untagging yourself – and yet they’re still available online. As well as being embarrassing, this could develop into a serious situation. If the photo included harmful content (e.g. uncensored photos) and cannot be removed from the public access this may harm the individual emotionally as well as their future prospects. For example if a possible future employer was to come across these photos, let’s just say they most likely wouldn’t get the job.


  3. I think the fact that you have two different online profiles by using different surnames is a good idea: it gives you more freedom to be yourself on your personal account. However, it sounds like you are also careful not to upload too much personal information on any of your social media accounts. This is also good idea because it is likely that this information will not be completely erased as with the case of your old photo.


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