They’ve got nothing on me

Within the online world, it is safe to say you I am invisible in one sense. When I did google myself, the only things that had come up was my old Facebook page, which was displayed within a low budget profile search engine, called the and my high school year book on Other than that I pretty much have nothing else of me online.


I guess the reason would be is that I don’t like or feel comfortable with my information being out there so easy find and access. Of course I do use  Whatsapp  like many others, but it’s completely private. I also used Facebook but that’s private too. So private that it does even come up in on Google, Bing or any other search engines for that matter. But other than that I don’t really use any other social networks.  I am careful who I share my personal information, pictures and videos. Our information is used every single day without our knowledge. For instances, I know number of people whose identities are used by others and claim it as their own. That in itself is scary prospect. Our information is valuable, and its proven everyday by the amount time these social media networks, mobile or another institutions requesting us to do so. I feel like as the internet is new phenomena of our age, that people don’t really comprehend the damages it may cause when using our information.


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  1. I find your arguments to stay away from social media networks as far as possible really reasonable! It is a real danger that nowadays not only are some individuals stealing personal photos and details to create fake profiles but so are institutions and companies which want to make greater profits and “spy” on us.

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