What is online about me?

I remember at the start secondary school people went through a big phase of googling each other to see what came up, it was funny at the time when embarrassing pictures appeared onto Google images that were taken straight from Facebook. I tried to Google myself but nothing about me came up, I was relieved not to have embarrassing pictures of myself on Google but made me wonder why? Even now when I Google myself only flowers, places called ‘Balcombe’ and the colour Magenta appears not even my social media networks appear; the only thing I could find was the cover I made for a past project. I have three social networking profiles online which is Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

megenta poppy shit

The reason why I made Facebook in the first place was to keep in contact with old friends and some family members as I don’t really speak to them in person, I used to share a lot of information to my friends when I first made Facebook like statues, photos and where I lived this was because I didn’t mind what people knew about me. I still have some information like the area where I live and some pictures on my Facebook today but I stopped posting statues unless I have to; I also try to make most of my posts private now because too many people were trying to add me that I didn’t know.

As for Instagram I regularly post photos of myself and some parts of my life because I like to share photos and memories, my Instagram is different from my Facebook because I  do not have it on private at all; this is because I don’t mind who sees my photos because they are just memories to me that I want to share. I have only had instagram for just over a year so there is no embarrassing photos or posts from when I was younger which is another reason why I don’t really mind who sees it.

I know that Google is forever sharing information around and selling it to other online advertisers even though I am not that visible online, like when i’m doing my online shopping I always get adds come up on my Facebook about the sites I had just been on. To be honest I don’t really mind what information is online about me apart from obviously bank details, my old address and phone number; I don’t really fancy people taking my money or having a weirdo stalking my house where my family live.


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  1. I used Facebook to you in a similar way back when I first got it, accepting just about anybody to be a ‘friend’. However as time moved on, and because I continued to use it on the regular, I decided to make my account a lot more private, and loose some ‘friends’ who I wouldn’t even speak to in the street. What was the point in having them seeing my pictures and posts? I don’t want random people Facebook stalking me. So a good clean up of so called ‘friends’ was needed, as well as the lock down of my account.


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