Visibility Online


Our online data is stored and used in the mass from the large companies and brands that we go to. Our data is important and personal to ourselves, someone having physical copies of our data in person wouldn’t be acceptable but storing data of our online history is. Every single part to what is connected to the internet is stored and formed into a profile of ‘you’. The only thing that comes into question from users is if the public is able to see these profiles. We have become so desensitised to the idea of the government and special corporations being able to view everything of what we do online to the point where we just let them without question. The data that builds our profiles is being used and manipulated to benefit the larger companies with the excuse that its personalising things more to us. Adverts are something people love or hate, while the majority block the ‘annoying’ ads, others embrace them as it helps personalise their experience.

How do we keep private on the internet ?

Can we actually stay private online ?

Privacy online is a key element to the many users of the internet, but at what extent is it considered that our privacy is breached. Making all your profiles private doesn’t necessarily mean that you are invisible to those who you don’t choose to see your profiles. Data is given and sold to other companies and our information is passed out onto the internet. Once something is put on the internet, its no longer yours.


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