Online Visibility

For this blog, I thought I could be funny if I Google my name. But of course, one of the down sides of having three very common names in your name (Matt, Ryan, and Brown), is that it is near impossible to find yourself on Google without putting in some serious effort, and who’s actually got time for that? Matt Brown is an incredibly common name; I might as well have been called John Smith. Anyway, Google aside, when it comes online visibility I’m not extremely bothered about what people can find about me. All of my social media accounts are public so anyone and everyone can see my profile. I have never really been worried about what people can see about me because I have absolutely nothing to hide on my social media. I always live by the rule that I should put anything online that I wouldn’t want my mom to see. Another reason I think why I am so laid back about my online visibility is because I grew up when technology started to develop rapidly, where as some of the older generation are worried about what people can find out about them so its fully understandable why our generation are the way we are and the way their generation are the way they are.


  1. Well, if your social accounts are completely public, are you not scared that someone could use your image? It happens quite often that some people copy picture of someone or his personal details and create a fake account , which they use in many different purposes.. I also haven’t got anything to hide on my social media, the only raeson why all my accounts are private is security.


  2. I used to be so laid back about my online social presence too. I think being on this course has made me a lot more wary, especially because of last week’s seminar where we searched each other on Facebook. However, I would encourage you to be a little bit more careful, because your mum and family members might be used to seeing pictures of you on a night out, but future employers might not like it!


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