Online Visibility

I tend to take a rather active approach to monitoring my online profiles and how much of what I contribute to the internet is visible to anyone. Usually, I will follow certain rules I have set myself when I create profiles; for example, my surname is only linked to my biggest online platforms (Google, Facebook, Twitter) otherwise my surname is “F” (as it is in my username for this site). Generally, on sites that allow the use of a username I have a common pseudonym that I use for online profiles, this includes services like Steam, Xbox Live and Reddit where I want less of a personal connection to my profile.

I choose to be this active in restraining from providing all my information as it makes me believe I have a better chance of not being caught out by information an employer could present to me about myself. It’s scary to think what uploads I have made to social media and have completely forgotten about that anyone with a nosy attitude could track down. For this reason, I once triggered the privacy settings on Twitter for a period of time when I felt uncomfortable having my tweets visible to any profile. The settings meant my tweets could not be retweeted and you had to request permission (that I had to accept) in order to follow me. However, I have since taken this off my account after removing various tweets I didn’t want other profiles to see.

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