Kate Guna Kulniece

The previous lecture and seminar on this topic was fun..until you realised how easy it is for others to find out information about you that you wouldn’t necessarily want the rest of the world to know. I was one of the unlucky ones whose profiles were examined during one of the seminars. Ever since then, I privatised my Facebook profile.

2016-03-08 (1)

Also, it’s high time I changed my profile picture…

Just like the majority of Americans, I shared the opinion of having nothing to hide. Not the wisest decision of mine.

Apart from  Facebook, I’m also a community member of Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, WordPress, draugiem.lv, Soundcloud, Erasmusu.com (don’t recall this one?) , Storify, about.me. My accounts are public, everyone can see anything I post. Why? Not being a wild party animal or a rude person, I have never posted anything offensive or something that might potentially damage my future professional profile.

When googling my name, nothing much comes up – all my social media profiles, images of me and my friends, a video on Youtube with me.

2016-03-08 (2)

As well as me taking part in some competitions.

I would say finding information about me is relatively easy as most of my profiles are public, hence it is not under my control. Even though now I am sure that none of my posts won’t have a destroying effect in the future,  two different profiles should be made – one for personal use and the other for professional platform. This would give me some control of what information is being shared around.

What about you? What does Google have to say about you?



  1. Interesting. I agree that most our profiles should have some settings to make them safer. Particularly the tagging approval is a crucial one in my opinion.

    However, I also believe since Facebook , Twitter, Instagram and so on, already have your details, making your profile private will only make it safer from strangers, but not from the government or from corporate companies.

    My profiles are private, but I decided recently to make them easy to find on search engines, Google mainly. I also made more public posts. This is because I need to be present on social media and online to help my career prospects.

    So overall I think you made the right decision – mines were private for years – but I also think you should be careful not to compromise your self-promotion.


  2. I think your point about having two separate profiles is a good idea. I know that there are certain sides of me I wouldn’t want employers to see (nothing illegal I promise). It is important to keep part of your life professional, this is why social sites like LinkedIn are perfect for having a more private way to contact people. I was always aware how public my profiles were but as I get older I will probably publicise less and less, to maintain a professional standard.


  3. You are making a good point there saying that ‘behaving normally’ is a better idea than the most strict privacy settings. After all, however strong your security is, if you give people something to mock at or gossip about, they will definitely find a way to spread it (taking a screenshot is not that hard.)


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