I’m almost invisible online

I’m not sure whether to be happy or worried about the fact that while everyone else in this blog are shocked by the visibility of their personal details, I can find very little about myself when I searched my name in Google. Other than my own facebook account, the search results are all other people who share my name (male and female) pursuing professions I would never imagine myself do. for example, I found this girl who writes songs and plays them on Youtube which is quite cool:


I also found out that my name is shared y a Taoist priest (if you don’t know what Tao is check here), and that is just bizarre.

I think the reason of  why there is not much about me in Google search is that I seldom use my real name on social media platforms, so if you are worried about your personal information getting leaked, perhaps using an “nick name” is a way to protect privacy.

which concerns me more about online visibility is the security of my information in E-shops, as I shop online quite often, I have this constant worry about my bank account information or my address being exposed, which would be truly problematic for my real life.


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  1. I have similarly concerns, I very wary and cautious of the kind of information I put on the internet. Like I mentioned on my blog post, having my information out there for others to have or use to their disposal is a very scary prospect. And although these private setting are installed to help us protect ourselves from other users, it does however protect of much the site takes from you.


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