A lot of Charlotte Racher’s Are Dead

Googling yourself was probably the first thing you did when you got internet access, which really sums up how the internet continued, highly self-centred.

What I found when I Googled myself:

Facebook, Twitter, dead people, WordPress, Soundcloud, family tree (more dead people), Depop, Instagram then more dead people with my name.

My actual online profiles:    

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr -purely for the GIFS I’m not cool enough for anything else-, Depop -thanks to this blog post I forgot I made an account-, WordPress, Soundcloud and Youtube.

My Facebook account is mostly private but more recently I’ve made some public posts to showcase my journalistic work as I want it to reach a larger audience (along with my WordPress, Soundcloud and Youtube). My Twitter is open because I share little personal details and simply things that no one cares about but amuse me. Instagram is private purely because it’s pictures of me and people I associate with so there’s no need for the public to see that unless there’s a high demand of pictures with me and my cat.

No information is in our control and if you don’t believe me then where were you in Year 7? I went home thinking I would be murdered because I had Wi-Fi after a lengthy day being told about the dangers of the internet -and maybe all the other Charlotte Racher’s were judging by the volume of deceased records-. But whose to say that people I’m friends with/follow me don’t share it then their friends share it and so on? It’s scary. Of course most of my Tweets are comedy-gold but there’s many Facebook tagged in photo’s that I would rather forget about –my mum tells me I’m pretty so those wounds are kind of healing-.

google bad girls club bgc bgc11 bgc12


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  1. I’m pretty sure we’ve all shared some pretty dire stuff on social media in the past (first name terms with the barman was it?) but it seems that these sites make it difficult looking back and monitoring what you’ve done in the past.
    It seems most of us at this age are far more self aware and conscious of what we do with our social media accounts, partly because it has been drummed into us for years about employers finding us and laughing at us, before proceeding to sack us etc.


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