Me, Myself and I

I’ve come to realise how visible I actually am online. I have a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Xbox Live and SoundCloud account. I use each of these social media accounts in different ways.

I will now go into more detail about my Facebook account. I have tried to privatise my account, so that only ‘friends’, and ‘friends’ of ‘friends’ can view my account, and add me as a ‘friend’. You are unable to access any information about myself on my account if you are not my ‘friend’ or a ‘friend’ of a ‘friend’. I do not upload all my details onto Facebook, as I find it is unnecessary for somebody to know them, because if they truly know me they will know that information already.

However I found that after typing my name into Google images, I was the first two images that appeared under my name. Which begs the question, even though I’ve ticked the box indicating no – should my photos be used by Google – where have they gained these images from

This must mean that one of my other accounts privacy settings will need updating for those images to be taken down, as it is clearly not Facebook giving them away.




  1. Interesting. I think its ridiculous if one should put their account on private and still find personal images on google. If you still don’t find the settings to take them down, perhaps contact Facebook and find out more, maybe they can help.


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