Little me in huge world of the Internet

This week’s blog post is a great fun and interesting experiment which I could carry out on myself. I have just realized how often we are not even aware of the fact what part of our lives we share in social media. I decided to google myself and to be honest I was quite dissapointed (however, maybe should I be glad?) how little information you can search about me in the Internet. First thing which appears is an info: ‘showing results for Paulina Chwesiuk’ instead of ‘Paulina Chwesciuk’ (sorry for those of you who are breaking tongue on my surname now, it’s because of some lady in registry office who messed up). Then you will see some articles about my achievements in Primary and Secondary school and that’s all what Google can offer you about myself.


Well, what about social media platforms then? Basically I exist only on Facebook, Instagram. Last class experiment reminded me I also have a board on Pinterest but to be honest I haven’t used that for ages. My Facebook and Instagram are completely private accounts as I use them only in personal purposes. I created my Facebook account in 2010, so the number of friends is quite big, however now I am more selective about friends requests. In my gallery I’ve got about 25 photos, so I think it’s not so many for 5 years of using that platform. Instagram is a space where I share my pictures, some of them are completely personal and showing me with my family and friends, whereas others are completely nonsense and irrational like my foot or cup of coffee.


I don’t think I am strongly visible in the Internet. I try to protect my privacy and select carefully what I post and who it’s avalaible for. What about you guys?


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  1. That’s good that you limit the amount of access that the public has to your personal social media accounts. I think you should definitely be glad that people can’t search your name on Google and find personal information. Perhaps try LinkedIn for more of a professional profile. This way you can share you work and academic achievements to help boost your employability!

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